• What is useful corn?

    Not so long ago in Russia, corn has become a very popular product and this is good, as it is very useful for human health. So what is useful corn?

    Useful properties of corn

    Corn grains contain the necessary amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates for humans. In addition, the grains contain vitamins B, PP, C, as well as phosphorus and potassium. In addition, corn is rich in vitamin K, which is necessary for the body, it supports the work of the cardiovascular system.

    Boiled corn

    In our country, boiled corn is very popular, it should be borne in mind that when boiled, corn loses most of the vitamins contained in it, leaving about 20% of the total. Then why is boiled corn useful?

    Its main advantage is the removal of excess cholesterol and its components from the human body. This is especially true for people who prefer fatty fried meat. It is recommended to combine these dishes with corn.

    But the main carriers of beneficial substances are light brown hairs (stigmas that frame the ear).We can safely assume that 9 out of 10 people, without hesitation, send this carrier of useful substances to the urn. In the pharmacy you can find a medicine called "corn stigmas", it is produced, just from the remnants of the corn cobs. The question arises - why buy, if you can make the necessary stock yourself? And what's useful there?

    Corn stigmas

    The answer to the first question is obvious, let's deal with the beneficial properties of the stigmas of corn. First of all, stigmas of corn liquefy bile, which contributes to a better outflow. They are also recommended for people suffering from edema and hypertension, as they have good diuretic properties. In addition, corn silk helps to reduce blood sugar levels, so they are often recommended for people with diabetes. This healing properties of corn silk does not end there. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system (they feed the nerve cells), this explains the presence of corn in the diet of people with disorders of the central nervous system.

    Corn is an excellent and powerful medicine for myopathy, it is useful in inflammatory processes of the gallbladder.In general, each person is recommended to use a decoction based on corn silk. For its preparation will be required: corn stigmas in the amount of two tablespoons, they are poured with a glass of boiling water, then the broth should be cooled and everything - a powerful medicinal and prophylactic agent is ready. Broth take a quarter glass every 3-4 hours, before eating. The duration of the full course is three weeks. No contraindications and side effects are observed.

    Canned corn

    Recently, the Russian consumer prefers canned corn. Let's figure out what is useful in canned corn? In general, canned corn perfectly retains all the minerals and vitamins contained in the fresh product, of course, their quantity decreases during the preservation process, but not significantly. Corn is a cereal that perfectly tolerates any processing. And if the freshest grains or small cobs are subject to conservation, their nutritional and medicinal properties may be more pronounced, even in some varieties of fresh corn.

    How to buy corn

    You just need to choose the right canned corn. Everything is not so difficult - the selection criteria are similar to the choice of other canned goods. One has only to remember that summer corn is the most useful, so you should pay attention to the production date. Of course, it is easier to choose a product in a glass jar, through the glass you can carefully examine the product, although muddy pouring slightly complicates the task. By the way, the turbidity of the pouring is the norm, that is, the peculiarity of the corn, you should not pay attention to the color of the canned corn fill.

    But the color of corn to pay attention. Grains must be whole, homogeneous and spotless. Color can vary from white to yellow. Corn is stored in a glass jar longer and better. It is also worth paying attention to the composition, there should not be anything extra. Only corn kernel (cob), water, salt and sugar.

    It is not necessary to deprive of attention and corn oil, it is very useful, for prevention of diseases it is enough to fill salad with one tablespoon. But this does not end the healing properties of corn. Corn is used in cosmetology,In particular, corn flour is used to remove dark spots (comedones) from human skin, which are formed due to mud accumulations and sebum, which clogs the pores on the skin.

    Corn in cosmetology

    To prepare the mixture for cleaning the skin, you will need two tablespoons of flour, they must be mixed with one chicken egg protein, which must be whipped beforehand. The resulting mixture is applied to the face. After the mask dries, wipe your face with a napkin and rinse the mask off first with warm water and then dry it with a towel with cold and dry skin. Sometimes for cleansing the face of comedones, two or three procedures are enough.

    Corn is a unique product needed by man. In addition to the above healing properties of corn helps with problems with the intestines and stomach. Cooked cobs strengthen teeth and increase salivation, and also have a beneficial effect on memory and help preserve vision. Now you know what corn is useful for; use regularly corn in any form, preserve and strengthen your health in an easy and tasty way.

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