• What is this element of the design of the roof Mauerlat

    ������Mauerlat builders call the timber on which the rafters hold; more precisely, it is a constructive element, which is an intermediary between the roof frame and the building. Reliability of the roof depends on the strength and proper installation of the power plate. maeurlat is used to evenly distribute the load on the bearing walls of the house.
    This element most often has the form of a square bar with a wide variety of sizes: for example, 80x180 mm, 150x150 mm, 150x100 mm. Sometimes a bark-cleared log is used, one side of which is hewn to better fit the wall. One of the most important points when using a mauerlat is the method of fastening it.

    Installation of maeurlat on brick walls

    One of the most common ways is to use wire. It lay for 3 rows to the top edge of the wall. Pre-calculate the length of the wire so that she could freely tie the timber.The number of segments must match the number of truss legs.
    The following method involves the use of anchor bolts, driven into holes drilled in bricks. Some builders prefer to use wooden corks that are shaped like bricks; they are treated with antiseptic and laid directly in a brick row. The number of traffic jams should not be less than the number of truss legs. Mauerlat is fixed by means of metal brackets.
    Another way of mounting the power plate involves the use of pieces of reinforcement. It is embedded in a brickwork to a depth of 3 rows (the diameter of the reinforcement is at least 10 mm). The length of the protruding piece must be equal to the thickness of the timber, plus 25 cm. In the latter, drill through holes and put them on the reinforcement. The protruding end of the segment is folded and fixed with a nail or staple.

    Installation of a mauerlat on aerated concrete blocks

    When arranging the power plate on panel or concrete walls, you first need to fill the reinforcing belt. Along with the installation of reinforcement in the formwork lay studs with thread (d> 10 mm), having a welded base in the form of a plate with a size of at least 50x50 mm.The studs are placed at the same distance from each other; there should be as many of them as rafter legs. Next, drill holes in the timber and put it on the studs, which should act on the thickness of the mauerlat. Fastening is carried out with the help of nuts and washers. After a couple of days, additional tightening and fixing with the help of locknuts is necessary.

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