• What is the signal?

    Jan Veselova
    Jan Veselova
    August 9, 2012
    What is the signal?

    On the Internet, you must have seen or heard the request: “Make me a signal!”. But what is the signal, you do not know yet. Do not be upset. No, you are not behind the times! The thing is that this fashionable phenomenon, which we will tell you about, originated not so long ago and precisely in social networks.

    A photo with the name or nickname of another person to whom you intend to give it (send) is considered a pig. Nickname or name can be written anywhere: on paper or on any part of the body (starting from the face and palms, ending in frank places).

    What is the signal in the contact? This is a photo with the name of the person to whom you dedicate it. A signal is made for friends or fans. If you have heard a request from a stranger to you: “Make me a signal!”, Then most likely you are beautiful, successful or famous, and the person who asks for her is delighted with you. Such a sign of attention in the form of a sign from you with his name will be a very pleasant gift for him. Also, the signal is considered a sign of gratitude for fans for their attention and love. And there are already known cases when celebrities instead of autographs made signs on social networks.

    But, in order to find out what a signal in Contact is, one may not be known or successful. After all, the contact signal may be required to confirm its authenticity. For example, if you have a photo of a beautiful girl on your avatar, you may be asked to sign with your ID or nickname, and you may also be asked to record a video where you present yourself and call the number of your page.

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