• What is the service station?

    Julia Chmykhalo
    Julia Chmykhalo
    January 12, 2015
    What is the service station?

    Any abbreviation can hide dozens of different interpretations, which does not allow to use it in a form detached from the context. So, if we consider the abbreviation of SRT, most people in our country will see the phrase “Service Station” behind it, but not everyone is aware of the existence of completely different interpretations.

    What is the SRT and how this abbreviation stands for?

    In order to correctly understand the meaning of various abbreviations, it is best to pay attention to the meaning of the text in which they are written. Thus, it is possible to determine that if there are a lot of automotive phrases in the text, it will be a conversation about the Service Station.

    Interpretation abbreviations STO:

    • In physics, SRT is the Special Theory of Relativity. It describes the various laws of mechanics, movement, and also defines the space-time interaction of objects at speeds that are almost equal to the speed of light.In relation to it, the classical Newtonian mechanics acts as an approximation of low velocities.
    • In politics, the SRT is the Council of Labor and Defense — the authority that was created in Soviet Russia from the Council of Workers 'and Peasants' Defense.
    • Among motorists, service stations are Service Stations. These organizations provide services for the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

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