• What is the relay for?

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    What is the relay for?

    About what you need a relay, perhaps, every motorist knows. However, if you encounter this for the first time, let's consider the basic functions and operation of the relay.

    Relay assignment

    The relay is an electrical device according to the type of switch. As with any switch, the relay is designed to close and open a part of an electrical circuit. There are various types of relays that differ in control signal as well as in performance. The most common at the moment received electromagnetic relays.

    In professional terms, the relay is used for switching currents. In simple terms, the relay is intended to turn on with a small current (for example, using a signal emanating from a button) circuits with a large current.

    Relays are used when various actuators, for example, a generator, a starter and others, consume a large current, i.e. to turn on low current circuits with low current. A relay is installed, for example, between the engine start button and the starter. Thus, there is a decrease in load. Otherwise, the button would melt.

    An electromagnetic relay is a relatively simple device and consists of:

    • an electromagnet that looks like an electrical wire wound around a coil;
    • anchors, which is a plate of magnetic material;
    • switch.

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