• What is a prefix?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    March 19, 2013
    What is a prefix?

    The prefix, in translation from French, means "the attached member ahead". This term is used in linguistics, and computer science, and in network technologies. In linguistics, the prefix is ​​a morpheme that stands before the root and changes its grammatical or lexical meaning. In computer science, the prefix indicates the beginning of a line. In this article we will dwell on what a network prefix and a phone prefix are.

    Network prefix

    Unlike physical addresses, the format of which will depend on the specific network technology, the IP address for any network node is represented by a 32-bit binary number. Inside the network, the correspondence to the physical address of the IP address can be established dynamically using ARP broadcast requests. The IP address when writing consists of 4 numbers, their range is from 0 to 255. They are represented both in binary, and in octal, and in decimal, and hexadecimal notation. Separated by dots.

    The address consists of the prefix (n) and the host part (h). We learn what a network prefix is.This is part of the IP address, its network part. The host is unique to each specific node. Three generations of addressing modes have changed. In an address, the ratio of its parts depends on this method. There are only 5 IP classes. They differ in the number of bits in the network part (prefix) and in the host.

    • Class A addresses are intended for large public networks. They allow a large number of node numbers.
    • Class B is used in a medium-sized network. This, for example, a network of universities and large companies.
    • Class C is used on a network where the number of computers is small.
    • Class D is applicable when referring to a group of machines.
    • Class E is reserved for the future.

    The network prefix determines the subnet mask. Considering what is the length of the network prefix, it can be noted that this is the number of binary units in this mask.

    What is a phone prefix

    The phone number that is assigned to the subscriber by the cellular network operator consists of the country code, the prefix, and the phone number itself. Special three-digit code from which the phone number begins and there is a prefix. For example, 067-991-2161. In this case, 067 is the phone's prefix. It is also called the code of the network operator. Prefixes also exist in fixed phone numbers, they are called city codes.

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