• What does the queen of spades look like?

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    What does the queen of spades look like?

    The existence of the Queen of Spades is known only from horror stories of folklore or literary content. And in those and in other stories - this is a mystical creature with very dangerous intentions. In some horror stories she steals children, in others she appears at night in the form of a ghost and scares a half-awake person, in the third she appears from a mirror due to mystical rituals and is able to either fulfill a desire or strangle the one who encroached on her peace. Here are just any specific descriptions of a mysterious woman will not meet anywhere. There are only individual episodes and fictional images. What are the classic cheat descriptions? What does the Queen of Spaes look like from eyewitnesses, ordinary citizens and literary geniuses?

    Portrait of the Queen of Spades

    Ominous old woman. This is exactly what Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin described in his story of the same name. According to the book The Queen of Spades was a certain princess at a rather old age who owned secret cards and could win any game.After his death, the ghost of an old woman appeared to the protagonist of the book Herman and told a secret. However, as a result, the truth was a lie. Instead of the promised Ace in the midst of the game, Herman pulled out a card of the Queen of Spades, who ominously smiled and winked at him. The hero could not stand the blow and went crazy. The evil witch got what one usually comes for - someone else's life.

    Portrait of the Queen of Spades

    By the way, the heroine of the Queen of Spades had a prototype - a real princess Natalia Galitsina. She lived to a very old age, survived four emperors from Peter III to Alexander I, and until her death was a very respected person. All rulers of the state listened to her opinion. On the Internet you can see how the Queen of Spades looks like, photos and portraits of Galicia. Just like the character of Pushkin, the young lady had a certain secret that the famous French magician Saint-Germain told her. In her youth, Galicia was considered very beautiful (the portraits preserved her young images), but in her old age, on the contrary, she lost her courage beyond recognition. In addition to the wrinkles, a strongly noticeable antennae appeared on the face of the old woman, for which the elderly lady was given the nickname "Princess Usaty."In Petersburg, where the House of the Queen of Spades is located, the ghost of the old Princess Galitsina is often seen.

    Portrait of the Queen of Spades

    Any image that is imagining a man guessing at the Queen of Spades. According to parapsychologists, our brain itself generates an image, giving out instead of the Queen of Spades either an ominous dark creature, or a terrible old woman, or a graceful pale-faced lady. In other words, what we believe in is what it is. This explains such different descriptions of eyewitness accounts. By the way, these same parapsychologists assert that if desired, it can easily turn from an evil lady into a good one. One has only to want!

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