• Why dream of a rival?

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    Why dream of a rival?

    If you saw a rival in a dream, then do not panic, because it does not always foreshadow bad events. The dream books will help to interpret such a dream correctly.

    Let us consider in more detail what the rival dreams about. Below are interpretations of dreams with rivals from the dream book of Catherine the Great, the dream book of Akulina, the female dream book and the dream book of Miller.

    Dream interpretation of healer Akulina

    If in a dream you quarreled with a rival, then in real life you will have success where you don�t expect it. If you shook her hand, you cannot avoid problems with your boss. Hugging your opponent in a dream - to the successful choice of a partner.

    Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

    If you quarreled with a rival in a dream, then you need to reconsider the attitude towards your partner. After all, if you do not begin to improve your relationship, then they will soon collapse because of domestic problems and other troubles. If you beat your opponent in a dream, then it is to receive praise at work. Nice to talk with a rival - to the loss of part of the jewels.

    Female dream book

    To see a rival in a beautiful dress - to slowness.It will worsen your affairs at work. There is a chance to lose your post. Be alert and more active to prevent this from happening.

    If a rival laughed at you in a dream, then it is to commit an irreparable mistake in real life. It can lead to parting with your soulmate. If you beat a rival in a dream, then you cannot avoid problems with your relatives, which will arise against the background of a lack of finances.

    Dream Miller

    Laughing rival in a dream - to receive good news from distant relatives. If you fought with her, then in real life you cannot avoid problems in your personal life. Seeing a rival waving your hand to gossip. If she gave you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then in real life you decide to buy an expensive item, but later you will regret it.

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