• What is the dream in which you see a dead snake?

    Sonniers treat a snake as an auspicious sign. Snakes in dreams symbolize betrayal, deception. By cracking down on her in a dream, the person is freed from the negative that has accumulated in life.

    Dream Miller

    Killed a snake in a dream means getting a source of energy that will help cope with ill-wishers, conflicts, competitors. It is time with faith in success to begin the implementation of long-conceived plans.

    Modern dream book

    Kill a snake - to deprive its competitors of the ability to put a spoke in the wheel, conflict situations that interfere with business management will disappear by themselves. New partners will appear, lucrative contracts will be concluded without much difficulty.

    What dreams of dead snakes woman - peace in the family, new friends. There will be situations that allow you to change your attitude towards life, realize your creative potential.

    Universal Dream

    A snake crawling through the body is an internal contradiction, a conflict with itself.To kill a snake means that harmony will finally be restored, problems will go away, freeing up space for positive emotions.

    Kill a snake crawling on a tree - your knowledge in some areas of life is not entirely correct. Followed to find a person who will help to deal with the difficulties of perception, will show the right way for success.

    In the water to kill a snake - getting rid of apathy, indifference to the outside world. There will be an opportunity to take a different look at situations, people.

    Dream loft

    Killing a snake in a dream means that it will take some sacrifices to achieve the goal. What will have to be abandoned, show the details of sleep. If in a dream someone in your eyes kills a snake, then in life there is a person who will help to cope with problems.

    To kill a snake with bare hands - the fight against enemies will be exhausting, it will take maximum effort to win.

    To see in a dream killed snakes in your home - to avoid conflicts in the family, the contradictions with relatives will be resolved.

    To kill a snake with a knife - the way to solve problems is chosen incorrectly. In the fight against the enemies can suffer people who are innocent of your troubles. It is worth reviewing the methods that are used to achieve the goals.

    Killing a snake crawling along the road means understanding your mission, finding your way in life.You should not listen to the advice of others, you should trust your intuition.

    Why dream of killing a snake and ruining its nest - getting rid of a man who built intrigues behind his back, wove intrigues.

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