• What is the dream head?

    Tatyana Baeva
    Tatyana Baeva
    August 13, 2012
    What is the dream head?

    Do you have a dream about your boss? Why would this dream? Let's try to find the most popular explanation of the question, why the boss is dreaming.

    If in your dream someone from your close circle (spouse, your parents or other close ones) becomes the boss, then this may mean that you are experiencing excessive influence from this person. You think he controls you too much. And the place where you see your loved one as a boss in a dream usually symbolizes the area of ​​interest in which this person has control over you.

    In the case of a reverse transformation - your real boss becomes your relative in a dream, this may mean that you are prone to workaholism. Caution! Such a zeal for work can harm your family. To make a boss your relative in a dream means to let work into your personal life.

    If the dream is no different from reality, for example, you dream of a normal working day with the participation of the boss, then it may say that you may have problems at work. Maybe you during this period simply can not cope with the work!

    In whatever situation your boss dreams of, remember that every dream carries with it any information that is valuable for real life. Perhaps you just have time to relax!

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