• What is success?

    For most people, success is a streamlined concept to which they strive for life and try to grab their piece. But is this the true definition of success? After all, there are a huge number of examples when, with great benefits, a person feels unhappy. Is it worth striving for this? Probably downloaded you need to understand the meaning of this word or put your own in it. We will talk about what success is.

    Success in a broad sense

    If we consider success in a broad sense, then under this word people represent themselves as living in expensive apartments, with designer furniture, necessarily a huge bank account, and also a person who is worshiped by society for its various merits.

    As a rule, they call a successful person a man who has climbed the career ladder, has good achievements in a certain field and has reached a high financial level. But often the word "success" has other facets that, at first glance, may seem inconspicuous or insignificant.However, without them in the soul would be empty, that is, a person would not feel happy. To achieve this state, you need to understand the word "success" more capaciously, holistically. Indeed, for complete happiness, a person must be successful not only financially, but also in public, and in professional, and in family, and in private life.

    What is success in a person's life?

    If we consider success in a person�s life, then we can define it as a person�s moving forward from goal to goal, and he likes it, it gives great pleasure, he feels a surge of strength, he is elated, and he is happy. In this path it is very important that the individual does not experience not only physical, but also spiritual hunger. For this reason, a person will never feel successful without respect, acceptance and love. All this can not be bought for money. And why do we need material goods, if we share them with no one? For this reason, a person needs friends, comrades and the second half, which will support in difficult times and inspire new achievements. Without them, life will not be complete, integrity will disappear in it, emptiness will come in its place, followed by longing and loneliness.These feelings will make you think of suicide.

    There is an idea that you can become successful without money, but this is not entirely correct, because the material component is also important. After all, life in austerity does not give any joy, on the contrary, makes you forget that there is still a good life. Man concentrates on what he does not have. Hence the problems in the family, with friends, job dissatisfaction. This again leads to depression and thoughts of suicide.

    Summarizing all this, we can conclude that the true success refers to the complete harmony of the material and spiritual components of it. Also under this word you can understand the ability to make life the way you want.

    Can success be universal?

    People often want to universalize success, but each person puts his own meaning into the concept of this word, since he has a separate concept and perception of the world. It is worth noting that the vision of each person ascribes to success their own traits, which depend on their personal characteristics. After all, one individual can be very ambitious, for whom it will not be enough to receive the Nobel Prize for his own achievement, and the other will be enough to become an example to follow for his own son.Someone wants fame and will constantly draw attention to his own person, and someone is enough that he loved his family and friends.

    For this reason, it is impossible to give a precise definition, if not to the very word �success�, but to its components. Everyone should think what this term means to him, or rather what he puts into it. You should not be guided by other people's dogmas and try to adapt to them, because all this will not bring him satisfaction. If you are happy with a golden toilet in your home, then do it, despite the fact that most people will not understand you. You do not need to depend on their opinions, you must feel successful.

    For this reason, you need to stop for a moment and think about which way you are going. Is it true? Does she make you happy? If not, then maybe you should change the path. Like to help other people and feel needed? Dare, conquer this peak. It is best to fill the word �success� with its own meaning, then it will acquire a clearer outline. After that, it will be possible to build plans and goals, the achievement of which will bring joy and satisfaction,and most importantly - happiness, because all people strive for this, replacing it with various synonyms that are only components of this broad concept.

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