• What is slang?

    Yuri Belousikov
    Yuri Belousikov
    December 19, 2014
    What is slang?

    Communication between people occurs in different ways - depending on age, situation, and also some other conditions. And of course, there are words that can only be used in a certain situation. From our article you will learn what slang is.

    Determine the meaning of the word "slang"

    Translated from English, the word “slang” (“slang”) means a language or type of speech among a certain group of people, and such a language is not considered literary. Simply put, it is a certain jargon, which is, as a rule, a set of new words or an alteration of the values ​​of existing ones.

    Most often this type of speech is used by teenagers in social networks: either for ease of communication, or because of illiteracy, which is a consequence of not knowing their native language. Slang is constantly changing, developing, some words may even disappear forever, and new words of modern speech are replacing them.

    Slang consists of phraseological units that have arisen in certain social groups, thereby expressing their life orientation.Such words are accessible and understandable for many categories of people, since slang is informal and emotionally colored. Slang also includes words from professional speech. Here are some examples of youth slang (you probably have a lot of similar words in stock):

    • kibber - dance;
    • smack - kiss;
    • rub - talk;
    • cool - good.

    History of

    It is believed that the word "slang" first appeared in English, but there is also a mention of this word in the distant Great Britain of the 19th century - while slang was synonymous with insult. Later this word was associated with the poor, because it was the poor who often used it in their speech.

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