• What is sepsis?

    February 3, 2015
    What is sepsis?

    Virtually anyone has a general idea of ​​what sepsis is. In the people he received the apt name "blood poisoning". Most often, it is caused by all types of cocci and Escherichia coli due to the fact that these bacteria multiply catastrophically quickly and are able to glue the cells of the body together. The result of such adhesion is their immunity to macrophages, designed to destroy foreign components trapped in the blood. However, by no means any infection causes sepsis: it must directly enter the blood. That is, the body must have “access routes” for bacteria in the form of wounds, abscesses, and other injuries.

    Types and symptoms of sepsis

    1. Acute. The most dangerous. It has a very fast current: within a few hours the temperature rises to critical values, the heartbeat is dangerously high, and breathing becomes convulsive. Over the course of a couple of days, ulcers form; clouding of consciousness begins in the first hours; by the time the rash appears, the patient’s consciousness leaves.Mortality in the case of the acute form reaches 80%.
    2. Subacute. In the early stages, symptoms are similar to acute sepsis, but after three days, there is apparent relief. This state lasts for several weeks; mortality in half the cases.
    3. Chronic. That sharpens, it seems to disappear. May stretch from a few months to many years. The percentage of mortality is not scientifically established.

    Treatment of sepsis

    It greatly depends on the success of surgical intervention. The abscesses are removed; removed and necrotic tissue around; drainage is introduced into the formed wounds to remove purulent masses; parallel administration of antibiotics and antiseptics is required. All these actions are undertaken not just under the supervision of a physician, but in special departments of purulent surgery, where special attention is paid to the sterility of the environment.

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