• What is right-hand drawing?

    There are many modern methods to identify the hidden potential of a person and expand the boundaries of his capabilities. Among them, a special place is occupied by right-hand drawing. This technique is not only a tool for creativity, but also a whole harmonious system that changes the attitude to life, the perception of the world through the prism of good and happiness. With its help, you can become a creative, creative, harmonious person who does not waste precious life on trifles. So, what is right-hand drawing, and how to master its technique?

    Briefly about the subject

    For the first time, this concept was encountered in the eighties of the last century, thanks to research conducted by the Nobel Prize winner, psychobiologist Roger Walcott Sperry. His scientific work on the functions of the brain identified a drawing technique that allows you to open the doors to the spiritual world of the individual.

    It is no secret that the human brain consists of two hemispheres with different functionality.“Common truths” are characteristic of the left hemisphere - perception by stereotypes, logic with a reasonable approach, the ability to critically assess the situation and give a rational assessment, basic life and behavioral rules.

    Most people have an active left hemisphere, and are distinguished by responsibility, rationality, consistency and integrity. For the right hemisphere, imagery and creativity are valuable, when life is perceived not only on the basis of facts, but also images.

    This is where the creative comes from, which is so necessary not only for representatives of such professions as an artist, a writer, a musician, an artist, and so on, but also for accountants, plumbers, drivers and others. The inclusion in the work of the right hemisphere allows you to reach heights in any profession.

    About the method and its positive qualities

    The learning process is quite fast, because the right hemisphere, which has a spatial sense and a sense of form, is actively involved in the work, which is lacking in the traditional method. This is confirmed by the work of students, where a simple plot is written on paper vividly, deeply, unusually and emotionally.The balance of functions of both hemispheres allows to achieve unique results, including:

    • increase brain productivity fivefold;
    • increased speed in decision making;
    • the inclusion of favored modes (inspiration, calm, harmony);
    • improving the perception of human life.

    Here are a few of the features of the right-hand drawing:

    1. You do not need to have at least a small knowledge of drawing, especially to be a talent in the visual arts. The technique is also suitable for beginners who may not even have suspected their own abilities by drawing scribbles.
    2. The method has a powerful psychological and therapeutic effects, allowing you to get rid of problems in the form of shyness, uncertainty, squeezing, inability to open up to everything new and find non-standard approaches to the resolution of familiar situations.
    3. Right-hand drawing helps to cope with stress and crisis situations, finding new life opportunities for use, and increasing the efficiency of labor.
    4. You have a chance to depict your emotional state on paper, guided not by your mind, but by your feelings.This allows you to develop attention to detail and brightness of sensations.

    Right-hand drawing is useful for people of any age and social status, regardless of gender.

    Process features

    The described method differs from the academic, adopted in art education. Here, attention is focused on vision and perception, and not on the drawing technique. Right-hand drawing lessons are based on intuition, the relationship of the hand with the subject.

    The right hemisphere activates a special technique that helps to create a small masterpiece in five minutes, and a big one in thirty. It consists of exercises that help at the time of drawing to suppress the functions of the left hemisphere, and was developed by the American artist Betty Edwards to go to the "P-mode".

    When you disable the evaluation functions of the left hemisphere, a person does not focus on how his picture should look, but simply creates. The methods of the author are widely known and open to the world, but they are constantly supplemented by the work of other artists. A striking example of an innovative approach to the technology of right-handed drawing are:

    • drawing with the fingers;
    • drawing, which ignores the boundaries of the sheet.

    The obvious advantages of the method

    What is useful right-hand drawing?

    1. The huge benefits of employment for pregnant women, because the period of carrying a child is very important for the formation of his health and psyche. From the state in which the future mommy resides, the development of his personality depends before birth. Being in a good creative mood, especially sensitive and tremulous at this stage of life, she contributes to laying a creative personality in the new personality, which leaves an imprint on the future fate of the baby.
    2. Right-hand drawing is very beneficial for children, helping to develop in them a sense of harmony, attentive attitude to the surrounding reality, sensitivity and individuality, which must be constantly maintained for self-confidence and a sense of happiness. For preschoolers who cannot yet express in words the whole gamut of sensations and emotions, the method provides an opportunity to depict this in drawings, to broaden one’s horizons, to gain skills and abilities. The child adapts more easily in an unfamiliar environment, shows interest in obtaining new knowledge, emotionally stabilizes.Technology acts on schoolchildren as an incentive to learn, anti-stress, the ability to calm down and more easily respond to difficult moments in life. For adolescents, the technique is positive in the following: it helps to control emotions, to see a variety of solutions to problems and problems, to form a creative approach to everything.
    3. You can and should go to classes for couples, parents with children to get closer in a common cause, based on a society of interests. Home environment often does not allow to consider in each of his talents and hidden opportunities, due to the workload of household problems. And the emotional creative environment will allow you to reveal your abilities, find new points of contact, refresh your feelings and be surprised at the talents of your children and half. Right-hand drawing creates fantasy, helps to determine the direction of the further development of the personality, reveal the range of interests and direct the energy in the right direction. In the classroom, a child can see parents in a different light - as friends and accomplices, rather than supervisors and educators, which will strengthen family relationships, restore mutual understanding and trust, unite and bring together.
    4. For adults, the right hemisphere drawing is the realization of a dream, the ability to learn drawing quickly, without having an initial experience. And also - the opportunity to expand my horizons and make new acquaintances, to amaze relatives and friends with talents that have opened up, will be filled with self-confidence, energy and optimism.

    Course of study

    In the classroom, various materials are used to create images and to inculcate skills in mastering many tools, such as a brush, pencil, and palette knife. The course usually includes:

    • classes of intuitive painting and Chinese;
    • drawing in gouache, oil, watercolor;
    • graphics lessons (pencil, pastel, coal);
    • landscape and portrait painting training;
    • acquaintance with realism, impressionism and other styles;
    • studying the technique of a single stroke and temporal painting;
    • creating a card of desires and personal mandala;
    • all about voluminous paintings and monotypes;
    • introduction to color and color science;
    • study of the impact on the viewer forms with lines.

    A sense of proportions and forms is formed, the ability to find the right color and textural solutions, to give the pictures a unique rhythm and the ability to evoke an emotional reaction from the viewer, the desire to touch the beautiful.

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