• What is opisthorchiasis?

    February 1, 2015
    What is opisthorchiasis?

    Science knows a very large number of various parasites, and it also gives the name of the diseases caused by infection. These terms are known, perhaps, only by doctors, to the common man and unaware, for example, what is opisthorchiasis. In most areas of our country, such an invasion is quite rare: it is caused by flatworms called flukes.

    It is noteworthy that, unlike the more well-known helminths, these flukes settle not in the intestines or stomach, but in the bile ducts leading to the liver, as well as in the ducts of the pancreas and, finally, in the gall bladder.

    Causes and signs of infection

    Intermediate carriers of flukes are mollusks, and then fish. Therefore, in areas far from the seas and oceans, and even in the absence of tradition, even physicians forget to use lightly salted, almost raw fish, such as opisthorchiasis. At that time, as the indigenous inhabitants of the far north almost completely amazed them.

    Pronounced symptoms of the disease are virtually absent - the infection manifests itself very smoothly.However, it is worth contacting a doctor with a combination of such signals from the body:

    • it pricks under the right edge;
    • under the "spoon" pulls and burns;
    • from fatty food becomes bad - up to vomiting;
    • appetite absent or greatly weakened;
    • for no apparent reason nauseous;
    • you get tired quickly.

    Treatment of opisthorchiasis

    Parasites are “driven out” exclusively under medical supervision, since a whole range of actions is required to eliminate allergies caused by invasion, to fight inflammations arising from infection, to restore full-fledged work of all weakened organs and to strengthen the immunity undermined by parasitic invasion. Long-term treatment; even after the release of the organism from flukes, control over the state of the person and fixing treatment lasts for at least two weeks.

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