• What is MDK?

    February 4, 2015
    What is MDK?

    Internet slang is constantly enriched with new terms and expressions, which, however, are far from being known and understood by everyone. So, many are interested in what MDK.

    (MDK) is one of the most popular public accounts in the social network Vkontakte, the number of subscribers of which has already exceeded 6 million people. Repeatedly, this community was accused of xenophobia and extremism. Many experts believe that some information in the community falls under the extremist activity, is not tolerant, in the messages often used mat.

    MDK was organized in 2011 by Dmitry Trachuk and Roberto Panchvidze. Most of the public records are entertainment pictures and demotivators on topical issues. The content of the community is handled by the administration and the subscribers themselves.

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