• What is kinetic energy?

    Arslan Avanesov
    Arslan Avanesov
    January 29, 2013
    What is kinetic energy?

    There are several complementary definitions that highlight the meaning of the concept of "kinetic energy." The kinetic energy is determined by the difference between the two remaining, interrelated terms, such as the total energy of the system and its rest energy. Accordingly, it can be said that "living force" is part of the total energy due to movement. In school textbooks, kinetic energy is more often described as a physical quantity equal to the product of body weight divided by two and multiplied by the square of the velocity of the body. Given that the value is denoted as Eto, we derive the formula:

    Ek= (mv2)/2

    Kinetic is the energy of a mechanical (moving) system, therefore, it completely depends on the speed of movement of points of the system. Accordingly, it is customary to divide the concept of kinetic energy into two types, according to the types of motion: translational and rotational.

    Kinetic energy: physical characteristics and theorem

    What is kinetic energy? The kinetic energy theorem states that a change in this quantity is equal to the work of the resultant forces that were applied to the body. Considering that change Etoimplies a work of force, this value is usually expressed in joules, as well as work.

    In cases where the initial velocity of a body with a mass denoted as m equals zero, and the velocity of the body increases to V, the work force is determined by the final value of Eto:

    A = Ek2- Ek1= (mv2) / 2 - 0 = (mv2)/2

    The kinetic energy of the same body with the speed V is determined by the work that the force acting on the body in a state of rest must perform to impart to it the necessary speed.

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