• What is katana?

    Vladimir Doneshko
    Vladimir Doneshko
    March 27, 2013
    What is katana?

    In connection with the popularization of martial arts in our language, new words appear, the general meaning of which is clear to everyone, but only a few know the exact wording. This category also includes the wording of what a katana is. Anyone will answer that this word indicates a Japanese sword, but what kind of sword it is and how to make a katana, not everyone will answer.

    The katana is a traditional samurai weapon and appeared in the 15th century as a result of the evolution of the long Japanese sword tati. Currently, in Japanese katana is called any sword. Initially this was not the case. Only one-and-a-half sword with a slightly curved one-sided blade more than 120 cm long was called a katana. The main difference between a katana and other types of knives is the manufacturing technology.

    The process could take more than a decade and was the result of the work of a whole team of gunsmiths, each of whom specialized in a particular stage. Steel with nickel and chromium content was kept in a swamp for 8 years in order to erode weak spots. Then she forged to the thickness of the foil and folded.The number of layers could reach 50,000. There were features in the technology of quenching - it was made using liquid clay, with the result that a matte strip appeared - Yakiba. The grinding of the sword was also carried out in several stages. The result was a work of art - the “weapon of the soul” of the samurai.

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