• What is Java for?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    February 13, 2013
    What is Java for?

    Often, the user sees the installed programs on his PC or smartphone and does not know what they are for. This is also the case with the Java program. However, many users still wonder what the Java program is for in order to understand what functions are assigned to it and to use them to the maximum.

    Java technology

    Java is a special programming language in which video games and numerous applications are written. Thanks to Java software, people can play online games, view 3D images, calculate loan interest, and communicate with people around the world. Applications written in this programming language, which can be accessed directly from the browser, are called "applets." Many large companies use Java applets for e-commerce and intranet applications. Currently, over 9 million software developers are working with the Java platform. It is used in all major segments of the industry.It is especially widely used in computers and networks. This popularity is due to the efficiency, versatility, portability of the platforms and the security of the technology, which makes it the best choice for network computing. To understand why you need Java, just look at your PC or mobile phone. Only through this program you can play various games, since most of them were written on its platform. Also, this program is used in all Blu-ray players. Based on this technology, consoles, lottery terminals, printers, webcams, medical devices, navigation systems for cars, parking payment machines, etc. work.

    Java program benefits

    The main advantage of Java is that you can write software on its platform, which can later be run on almost any other platform. In addition, it allows you to create programs that run in a web browser and have access to web services. As a rule, when asked by the user, is Java needed? You can answer with an example of the fact that without this technology it would be impossible to buy anything on the Internet, many polls are developed on its platform.And about the multifunctional and effective applications for mobile phones without this technology could be forgotten. Java has left Apple and Android far behind, since it uses 3 billion cell phones based on it.

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