• What is iOS?

    January 12, 2015
    What is iOS?

    In conversations about Apple technology, you can often find the word "iOS". About that means this three-letter term, read our article. You may also be interested in the article What is iCloud.

    What is iOS: Term Decoding

    So what is iOS? It's simple: this is the operating system for Apple mobile technology. The name is easy to decipher: “OS” is “Operating System”, and the letter “i” indicates that this platform is intended for i-devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod. Apple founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) at one time explained that “i” in the names of his new inventions symbolizes individuality, information, the Internet and many other good things in the letter “and”.

    The iOS operating system is used on Apple smartphones and tablets, as well as on iPod touch players (other models of iOS players do not support). In addition, running the iOS set-top box Apple TV (starting with the second generation).

    At the end of 2014, the eighth generation of the operating system, iOS 8, was released. Major updates usually come out in the fall, and all users of supported Apple devices receive them for free.iOS has the full range of features required by a modern mobile platform. It has applications for web surfing, reading mail, listening to music, watching videos, taking photos, etc. Additional programs can be installed from the integrated Apple App Store, which has both paid and free applications for any tasks - from editing office documents to create interactive postcards, and, of course, games.

    Many iOS features are integrated with the OS X operating system for Apple computers and laptops. For example, in the version of iOS 8, you can start writing a letter on the tablet, and finish on the computer.

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