• What is a moment?

    Elena Kasyanova
    Elena Kasyanova
    February 2, 2015
    What is a moment?

    The action that is happening now, that is, very quickly, is called instantly. It cannot be measured, touched, tried. But our life consists of moments.

    What is a moment?

    A moment, a moment or a moment is a very small amount of time between the past and the future. If you did something very quickly - they say: did it instantly; I saw at some point in time - in the blink of an eye or at the same instant. Many poets sang moments of pleasure. The meaning of this word is clearly conveyed in Alexander Zatsepin’s song “There is only an instant.”

    Also, the MiG was named a double supersonic all-weather fighter - a long-range interceptor. The MiG-31 is the first Soviet aircraft of the fourth generation. Studying the science of elementary particles, an interesting fact was discovered that elementary particles appear and disappear in vacuum at every instant of time. Their structure is still not known. And since space is relative in time, it was assumed that such a particle is a whole Universe similar to ours. For the inhabitants of such a universe, it lives for billions of years, and for external observers - only one instant.

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