• What is Instagram for?

    Natalya Kosenko
    Natalya Kosenko
    December 25, 2014
    What is Instagram for?

    Many services appear on the Internet, the purpose of which is not always clear to users. Despite the fact that the word Instagram is familiar to many, why it is needed and how to install Instagram on a computer or phone, not everyone knows.

    What is Instagram

    The application was originally developed for mobile devices in order to instantly process the photos taken. Over time, the application has acquired a number of other functions:

    • application to photos of various filters and effects;
    • instant placement of photos on social networking pages;
    • the ability to send your photos and videos to friends;
    • the ability to share with friends ratings and comments to the photos.

    Created in 2010, the application since 2012 is owned by Facebook. Now the number of users of the application exceeds 200 million people. Instagram can be used on all mobile devices that support Android and IOS operating systems.

    There are satellite applications that complement the service

    • Extragram - allows you to keep track of fresh photos of people you follow;
    • Instagrid - allows you to organize from your own photos uploaded to Instagram, a gallery;
    • Cartagram - allows you to view photos with reference to the map.

    What is Instagram on the computer for?

    Photos in Instagram style became a separate genre due to its popularity. Therefore, many people want to create fashionable photos directly on the computer or have the opportunity to download their favorite photos to your computer. The most convenient way to use the service in the absence of a smartphone is to install an Android emulator on a computer. For example, BlueStacks for Windows or Carousel for Mac.

    There are online clients that allow you to use the Instagram service from a computer. The most popular of them is Webstagram. The client allows you to view photos, like and write comments. The only drawback is the inability to process and publish photos.

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