• What is antispam

    The principle of antispam

    Antispam can be used on personal computers or remote servers. The filtering procedure is implemented using special software that is installed on the user's computer or mail server. Spam filter analyzes every email that arrives to your email box using content analysis and sender reputation technologies.
    The anti-spam system helps to recognize a letter that has an advertising character by the keywords used. After that, the system examines the sender's email address, information in the service’s e-mail profile. The filter determines the number of people to whom the same message was sent. The fact of mass mailing most often indicates spam, and therefore the presence of additional sending addresses immediately lower the status of the message for the anti-spam system.
    After the program marks the letter with the “Spam” flag, it will be sent to the appropriate folder on the server, where it will wait for further user actions.If the mailbox owner confirms that this letter is really unnecessary, the program will immediately delete all unnecessary data from the system.
    If the user considers that the message contains the information he needs, the mail server program will move the file to the Inbox, and the anti-spam filter will create a rule according to which messages from this sender will not be classified as advertising or malicious in the future. The user is often additionally offered to manually configure message filtering with the creation of a list of trusted email addresses that will not automatically be moved to the "Spam" category.

    Anti-spam problems

    Each software maker of clients and e-mail servers is trying to implement its own algorithm that will most effectively identify spam. However, even the most well-known and effective solutions do not completely eliminate the filter error factor - none of modern filtering services can determine with 100% accuracy whether a letter is unnecessary for a user.The percentage of successful scanning even for the best security systems reaches about 90%. The remaining 10% is due to false positives of the system.

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