• What is anthropology?

    January 12, 2015
    What is anthropology?

    The concept of anthropology is a combination of two terms: 1 - “man”, 2 - “science”. Accordingly, it is the combined scientific knowledge of man.


    For a long time, in the USSR, the science of the emergence, and then evolutionary development of man, was considered anthropology. Actually, this is what physical anthropology is doing now. Whereas in the USA and countries of Europe this concept is perceived much more widely, more generally.

    Term evolution

    What is anthropology in the conventional sense? Aristotle in ancient Greece for the first time used this term in order to denote the science, dealing with the spirituality of man. Subsequently, it was used by many famous philosophers and was formed in the twentieth century as a “philosophical anthropology”. This concept is used in related sciences, for example, in theology, pedagogy. There is a tendency to complicate and differentiate the concept itself.

    Philosophical Anthropology

    Examines the individual in being. This is the doctrine of human nature. The man here is the main subject of study.A religious anthropology sees the person in theological terms through the prism of religious teachings.

    Physical anthropology

    Looks at a person as a species, is engaged in its origin and evolution, comparing it with the nearest fossil and modern relatives - primates. Includes paleoanthropology and judicial anthropology.

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