• What is a pictogram?

    May 19, 2015
    What is a pictogram?

    Pictograms were popular in antiquity, but they are used in modern times, however, in more specialized areas. Let's take a closer look at what icons are and what they are for now.

    Pictogram is a sign or symbol that displays in a schematic form the distinctive features of a particular phenomenon or object. As examples of modern pictograms we can cite icons of the graphical interface, road signs, etc. The pictograms were actively used in early writing systems, where they acted as symbols denoting various objects. The pictograms should have given more specific data about these objects, expressing their typical features.

    Pictographic writing

    This type of writing can be attributed to the most ancient. Pictorial writing was popular in different cultures: Chinese, Mesopotamian, Aztec, Egyptian, etc. Nowadays, this type of writing includes dongba, which is used by older people from the Nazi people living in the foothills of Tibet.

    There are a large number of characters in pictographic writing, but nevertheless it is limited, since only objects can be described using it.

    Also in the computer you can find the icon for setting the volume of sound.

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