• What is aha?

    February 2, 2015
    What is aha?

    Sometimes, foreigners learning Russian face some words that are very difficult to explain or understand. These words include interjection "aha", which has several meanings depending on the context.

    Let us further consider what "aha" is and what the word "aha" means in a given situation.

    What does the word "aha" mean

    The word "aha" came to us from the Slavic language, so it can have several meanings depending on the context of conversation and communication between people. Consider each meaning of this word in more detail:

    • Meaning yes. If a specific question is asked, to which the answer may be yes or no, then the word “aha” means in this case “yes”. Also this word can be a confirmation of something. And also take the value "okay, we agreed, well, okay." This value is often used in conversation, but sometimes it may take an ironic tone, meaning "no." For example, "Aha, schA!".
    • The word can act in the meaning of joyful surprise, celebration or malevolent celebration.For example: "Aha! I found you!" In addition, the word may take the value "oh, opple, one must, ha."
    • Among other things, the word may be a noun. The word "aga" was called military leaders in the sultan of Turkey. Another word may have the meaning "rich, fist, uncle."
    • In biology, the word "aga" called the giant toad of the largest tailless amphibians.

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