• What is activation?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    February 3, 2015
    What is activation?

    Very often, installing the program, you can encounter a problem when the program requests a code or activation key. In this situation, many users try to figure out what activation is and why it is needed.

    Software activation

    By activating a program (software product) is meant the license registration process. Activation is needed in order to protect programs and applications from illegal use.

    In order to activate a software product, you must enter a special code or activation key (such a special set of characters that the user receives at the time of purchasing a licensed copy of the program). If you purchased a license disk, the code should be on the package, if on the Internet, then you should send the code by e-mail.

    After your data is accepted, you will be able to use the application in full. How to remove the activation of Windows, read the relevant article How to remove the activation of Windows.

    If the program does not require an activation code, then this may indicate that it is hacked or that it is a pirated copy of the original program.

    Other meanings of the word "activation"

    It is worth noting that this word is used not only in IT-technologies, but also in other areas. The token "activation" can be applied in the following values:

    • increase in the activity of processes;
    • application of special agents to charcoal or other porous bodies for greater absorption of liquids and gases;
    • transition from passive to active state;
    • if we talk about activation in physics, then it is the process of irradiating a substance with nuclear particles to produce isotopes;
    • transfer of molecules to the excited state for the rapid flow of chemical reactions.

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