• What is a topic?

    Vladimir Kulinich
    Vladimir Kulinich
    February 19, 2013
    What is a topic?

    People have always been interested in what the word “theme” means for various cases, both in literature and in other fields. That is the theme, tell our article.

    The subject of the text is the subject of discussion in the text. It is an expression of the content core of the whole text, which is comparable to the author’s idea as a whole. The theme is one for the whole text, thus ensuring its integrity. In the large text, the topic is divided into sub-topics and sub-topics, which reflect the meaning of independent (relatively) parts of the entire text.

    The theme of the work is its foundation. The subject is, as it were, the support of the entire text. It is safe to say that the main thing in any work is what the author talks about and which solves important problems of human existence. This, for example, the formation of personality, the struggle between evil and good, the loneliness of man and many others.

    A theme in a mobile phone is a set of both the visual design of the phone, for example, a screen saver, a background image, a view of icons and pictograms, and musical design, for example, a melody when the phone is turned on,type and melody of the incoming call and sms. Also, this topic may include a variety of different additions.

    The theme in Microsoft is (similar to the theme in the phone) the design of both the Windows Desktop, for example, the color of windows and the appearance of shortcuts, as well as files and folders, a variety of pictures in the background of certain folders and the ability to change screensavers. Also, using the theme in Windows, you can change the sound alerts and melody when the system starts.

    Now you know what a “theme” is!

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