• What is a standard?

    Vera Melnikova
    Vera Melnikova
    May 16, 2015
    What is a standard?

    Standards - how often do employees of this or sphere have to deal with this concept! People pass the TRP standards, sell products that meet the standards. Norms and standards have filled our whole lives. Let us consider in more detail what standards are, how they are handed over, where they should be observed and taken into account.

    The word "standard" comes from the word "norm". The root of the word "norma" (norma) is of Latin origin and literally means "rule". Hence, the norm is the observance of certain rules.

    Spheres of use of the word "standard"

    • This is an economic term. It is used in various sectors of the economy: in production, trade, exchange. Example: "Rural regions of the Russian Federation not only met the standards for selling grain to the state last year, but also significantly exceeded it."
    • Standards are technical. They are used to create certain parts, mechanisms, and other industrial products. Example: "The labor productivity of an enterprise’s employees is determined by the number of products produced by them and by their compliance with its technical standards."
    • There are certain environmental regulations for business entities. Example: "Without compliance of production with environmental standards, an entrepreneur will not receive a license."
    • In sports, there are also certain standards. They are taken into account when conducting various competitions and sporting events. Example: "Today workers handed in TRP standards."

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