• What is a screen?

    February 2, 2015
    What is a screen?

    The word “screen” is often found in Internet slang. Screenshots are required to post on the forum if a person asks for help in solving a computer problem; They are used as evidence that some record on the site was, and then disappeared; Screenshots are shared by gamers.

    What is the screen? Read in our article.

    What is screen: definition

    In fact, the word "screen" is a colloquial abbreviation for "screenshot", that is, "screen shot." Both "screen" and "screenshot" are most often found in informal communication - for example, you will not find such words in the software help. Both of these terms came to us from English, but settled down quite well in Russian: there was even a derived verb “scroll” or “skrip screenshot”, that is, take a screenshot.

    How to make screenshots

    There are many ways to take screenshots. In Windows, for example, the Scissors utility is built. You can find it through the Start menu or by searching on the home screen (in Windows 8).

    You can find online programs to create screenshots from third-party developers.For example, Lightshot, Screencapture, Joxi and many others, both free and paid. You can also use browser extensions to create screenshots of web pages. For example, ScreenGrab for Firefox or Awesome Screenshot for Google Chrome and many others.

    The programs listed above are for Windows.

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