• What is a parcel post?

    Ekaterina Zhukova
    Ekaterina Zhukova
    February 25, 2015
    What is a parcel post?

    The word "parcel" has French roots. It comes from two French words: "bande", which means "strip" and the word "role", literally meaning "bundle".

    More information about the origin of the word, as well as what is a parcel post in the concept of modern man, and will be discussed further.

    What is a parcel post: the origin of the word

    As can be seen from the composition of the word, originally, special strips of paper were called post wraps. These ribbons wrapped postage of some countries in the fifties of the seventeenth century. Mail stamps and payment marks were placed directly on the tape (or sold directly with them). Shipments packed with ribbon-shaped parcels were not too large, and the contents of such a parcel remained visible to both postmen and recipients. Subsequently (in the 19th century) postal packages began to be called postal items of small size and weight (these parameters were different in each country), which therefore could be sent at a price lower than other packages.Some countries even produced special stamps for wrappers.

    What is a parcel in the modern concept

    Currently, a parcel is called a special postal item, which is packaged according to certain rules and has a weight and size not exceeding the established values. It is allowed to send various print and clerical publications (books, magazines, notebooks, postcards, photos) or business papers by parcel post. For international shipment by parcel, only printed publications are permitted. Parcels are:

    1. Simple. Such parcels should weigh no more than 2 kg. The item sent should not be moved inside the package, so books or documents are usually sent in such packages.
    2. Customized. Such first class parcels should weigh no more than 2.5 kg. And since such items are paid, it is permissible to send various commodity investments.
    3. Valuable parcels differ from ordinary ones in that if they are lost along the way, the post office will be obliged to compensate the sender for the damage (in the amount of the estimated cost of the parcel post), as well as the postal rate.

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