• What is a manicure?

    Julia Bukatova
    Julia Bukatova
    March 30, 2015
    What is a manicure?

    Manicure is one of the most popular procedures, and not only among women, but also among men. Manicure is a cosmetic procedure for the care of nails and hands. In modern society, it is performed not only in specialized beauty salons, but also at home. Consider in this article what a manicure is and how it happens.

    What does it mean to "do a manicure"

    Manicure can include a whole range of hand care activities such as massage, therapeutic and prophylactic baths for hands, filing and polishing nails, decorating them with varnish, rhinestones and other decorative elements, and even building artificial nails. The main purpose of the manicure is to give the nails and hands a beautiful, well-groomed look. But besides this, a manicure is also useful for healthy skin and nails.

    There are many types of manicure:

    • Classic or cropped manicure. This type is the most common among people of all ages, and almost anyone can do it at home.It lies in the fact that in addition to the traditional nail and hand care, the master also performs the cutting of the cuticle with the help of special manicure accessories.
    • European or unedged manicure includes only the care of nails and skin without cutting the cuticle. The cuticle in this case is simply moved away by orange sticks, which reduces the risk of its accidental damage.
    • French manicure. Its main feature is that white nail polish or a pencil is applied to the tip of the nail, while the entire nail plate is completely covered with pastel-colored varnish. This gives the manicure an even more well-groomed, but at the same time natural look.

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