• What is a free rental

    The very concept of renting involves the surrender of property for use on a chargeable basis; another provides for punishment as a violation of article 250 of the tax code and 606 of the Civil Code of Russia. However, such facts are found, as a rule, in the environment of interconnected or interconnected organizations and are usually under the scrutiny of tax officials, as they often represent a trick to evade taxes.

    Exchange rental

    Rental of equipment, a car, a certain area or other property, executed under an agreement providing for a complete lack of payment, is made using as compensation for using the property, services or repairs aimed at improving the physical properties of this, for example, premises. Interestingly, the minimum amount of rent is not legally stipulated, that is, it can theoretically be symbolic, but this does not give a full guarantee thatthat the relevant authorities in the inspection will close their eyes and not conduct a thorough investigation into this extraordinary fact.


    One of the most typical to date items of a no-cost lease is renting an apartment that is not properly executed and not declared as a source of income. Such a resourcefulness of modern owners of additional square meters often presents them with very sad results associated with the complete absence or presence of an unofficial, and therefore meaningless, contract.
    One day, unscrupulous apartment dwellers can refuse to pay bills, cause serious damage to property, or simply escape with all the contents of housing in an unknown direction. At the same time, there is no official evidence to allow to initiate a case on this fact by a careless landlord, because for all this time for the tax authorities the apartment was in the use of its direct owner.
    So, if you decide to donate property for free, do not forget to document it,using the form of the loan agreement, it provides for the absence of any compensation for the right to use the property, provided that the property is returned at the end of the term of use in its original condition. This will protect you as a taxpayer and owner from unpleasant consequences, both from the tax services and from tenants.

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