• What if you had a fight with a friend

    Frankly talk with her friend. Most quarrels occur on the basis of incompleteness and misunderstanding of each other. Before talking, make sure that you are calm enough and are not determined to continue swearing. Mentally put yourself in the place of your counterpart, really try to understand her opinion. Communicate from a position not a formidable prosecutor (even if much of the blame for the tiff lies not with you), but with a loving, understanding girlfriend. Perhaps as a result of such communication, you realize that, in reality, there are no serious problems between you, and your previous differences are based solely on your mutual baseless assumptions.
    Do not involve in your disassembly someone from others. Do not complain to a stranger about how terrible your friend is supposedly - even in the case when she really seriously offended you. If your task is to really make peace with her, by such actions you will only deepen the contradictions between you and simply give an outsider a reason for the next gossip.Remember: this is a matter exclusively for you two, and therefore only you should carry out the search for a solution to contradictions and overcoming differences. Surrounding such problems cannot be interfered with: they are only outside observers, not participants in these relations.
    If friendship is really dear to you, do not seek to find out for sure whose fault it was in a quarrel. Surely you both behaved wrong. Someone is rarely to blame for quarrels, so don’t refuse to share your responsibility for such an unpleasant situation - even in the case when the main cause of the quarrel seems to be some kind of action or replica of your girlfriend. Attempts to find the main “criminal” and “victim” among the two of you will only provide you with another explosion of negative emotions and will not be productive.
    Learn to draw conclusions from each such conflict situation, and not from the position of someone's fault, but from the point of view of preventing the possibility of such kind of quarrels in the future. Together with a friend try to eliminate the real cause of the conflict (of course, if possible) or at least not focus on it.For example, if you have quarrels due to the lateness of one of you to the next meeting, call in advance on the eve of such a rendezvous and remind you of his particular time.
    If an extremely serious misconduct of a friend, who you cannot forgive, led to a quarrel, break a friendship with her. Perhaps both of you have just changed so much that you cannot continue to exist at too close a psychological distance, as you have done before. However, before the break, find the strength for the final conversation with the now almost former friend. You both deserve to finally figure out the relationship. Nevertheless, no matter how offended you are, conduct communication without increasing the emotional degree. Still, a certain period of strong friendship binds you with your counterpart, and therefore, in the name of preserving the memory of those bright moments, try to leave on a good note.

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