• Why dream of treason girls?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    March 2, 2015
    Why dream of treason girls?

    When a person is in love, it is quite natural that he often sees his soulmate in a dream. However, sometimes the plot of the dream is scary, but this does not mean that it will come true one to one.

    In this article we will talk about the dream of treason girls.

    How to interpret the betrayal of a girl in a dream

    Interpretation of Miller's Dream Book

    According to Miller’s dream book, the girl’s treason says that the guy is afraid of losing her and constantly suspects of infidelity. However, the dreamer needs to relax and forget about his fears, because his second half truly loves him and is not going to look at other guys.

    Treason of the girl in the dream Yuri Longo

    If a guy in a dream saw that his girlfriend is cheating on him with another, then, according to Dreamo Longo, the dreamer should talk with his lover and clarify some points in their relationship. After talking heart to heart, he will be able to feel more confident. Also, such a dream may indicate that the young man is ripe for marriage.

    Treason girl by Freud's dream book

    The famous psychoanalyst Freud believes that cheating girls is a phobia of a guy. He needs to get rid of her, otherwise he may turn into a paranoiac that will not like his beloved and lead to the collapse of the relationship. If the dream of treason is repeated, it is worth visiting a psychologist.

    Interpretation of Nostradamus

    The famous astrologer Nostradamus believes that such a dream is only a fear. The guy is afraid that the girl will be unfaithful to him, but he needs to become more confident and stop suspecting her beloved.

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