• What dreams of indoor flower?

    Oksana Vasilyeva
    Oksana Vasilyeva
    February 27, 2015
    What dreams of indoor flower?

    Dreams in which you see flowers are usually a good sign. We already wrote about this in more detail in the article What Dreams of Flowers? And why dream of indoor flower?

    Let's look at the most popular interpretation of such dreams, presented in different dream books.

    General interpretation of sleep

    It is believed that indoor flowers, seen in a dream - a symbol of your inner world and relationships with a partner. However, such dreams say that you don’t want to advertise this relationship and don’t strive to share your joy with others. A dream can also say that someone loves you, but hesitates to admit it.

    In general, the dream carries a positive symbolism. A bad sign is only wilted or dried indoor flowers that you dreamed of.

    Sleep features

    • Beautiful indoor flower - a sign of well-being and joyful events.
    • Water the indoor flower - you will soon receive a gift and make a valuable purchase.
    • Crop and loosen the indoor flower - your joy from the gift will be overshadowed by something.
    • The house, left potted - you will find a happy life and pleasant surprises.
    • Give or take a house flower out of a house — you will soon be giving someone help or service.
    • Take as a gift indoor flower - to the news of death.
    • Dried indoor flower - quarrels with relatives or financial instability.
    • A fallen flower and a broken pot are likely an unpleasant situation that can be remedied by monetary expenditures.
    • Room flower with an unusual color - white leaves: sadness, red flowers: passion, blue leaves: confidence in their abilities.

    Knowing how to interpret a dream in which you saw a room flower, do not forget that you cannot blindly believe dream books. Each person has his own dream symbolism. Therefore, the indoor flower that you dreamed can symbolize even what the dream books do not tell.

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