• Why dream of furniture?

    Natalya Kosenko
    Natalya Kosenko
    March 7, 2015
    Why dream of furniture?

    To avoid unpleasant situations, to understand yourself, to improve relations with close people will help the correct interpretation of dreams. Dream interpretation helps to understand the variety of objects and images that a person sees in a dream. At the same time details are of great importance. For example, furniture seen in a dream has diametrically opposed interpretations.

    What dreams of furniture: interpretation

    Of great importance is what kind of furniture a person dreams of:

    • Chairs in a dream are usually an alarming sign: to sit on it - to discord in business and family relationships, to fall from a chair - to become a victim of their own irresponsibility, to make chairs - to reproaches and threats.
    • Laid table dreams of guests or material well-being, empty - quarrels, troubles.
    • The wardrobe symbolizes the hidden thoughts of a person: new and full of things - good, old, lop-sided - evil, negative.

    All interpretations of furniture have a common feature. The old, falling-down furniture foreshadows troubles, efforts, material problems.The acquisition of old furniture promises unsuccessful business deal. Get up or get rid of old furniture - a turn of events for the better.

    Dreaming with new furniture promises joyful events. Beautiful, carved furniture dreams to a sudden profit, a new, but modest furniture - to a small stable income. New bedroom set dreams to improve the situation in his personal life.

    When interpreting sleep, one should pay attention to various actions with furniture:

    • Furniture rearrangement - achieving success in personal affairs with the help of great efforts.
    • Replace the old furniture in the apartment with a new one - the death of a loved one;
    • Breaking furniture - the upcoming scandals in the family.
    • To bring furniture in the room - the purchase of housing, to make - the disease of a family member.
    • Buying furniture is an addition to the family, good luck in business.
    • Selling furniture is a big change in life.

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