• What dreams of a rainbow?

    Igor Gorbatyuk
    Igor Gorbatyuk
    August 3, 2012
    What dreams of a rainbow?

    Each of us, seeing a rainbow in real life, always at least mentally, but smiling. After all, a rainbow is a very beautiful and unusual phenomenon. So in a dream, what a rainbow dreams about is usually a change for the better, well-being and a justification of hope.

    • If in a dream you see a rainbow appearing, it means that all your fears concerning some important matter will dissipate very soon;
    • In love with people, a rainbow in a dream foreshadows a happy marriage or simply reciprocity in a relationship;
    • It is believed that a particularly large happiness foreshadows a rainbow that appears to the right of a sleeping person;
    • If you saw a rainbow in a dream right above your head or just very close to yourself, then changes are coming that will bring you happiness, wealth and fulfillment of desires;
    • If in a dream the rain ended and a rainbow appeared, it means that all adversity will soon end in your life, and life will become beautiful;
    • If the rainbow, on the contrary, has faded away, it means that the time has come to part with our happiness.

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