• What dream acquaintance?

    Anna Kitaychik
    Anna Kitaychik
    February 18, 2015
    What dream acquaintance?

    Having seen a friend in a dream, you should definitely wait for a change. To learn more about the prediction, you need to know what dream acquaintance. It is worth paying attention to all the details that you saw in your dream: only in this case will the interpretation be the most correct and accurate.

    Below we have presented several favorable and unfavorable interpretations of sleep.

    Favorable interpretation

    • Acquaintance with a man of any sex who causes you sympathy and positive emotions - wait soon for good luck in business or a real romantic acquaintance.
    • For a girl, meeting a young man in a dream symbolizes the beginning of a time conducive to finding the second half.
    • Getting to know your child - an extremely interesting and pleasant person will appear among your surroundings.
    • Meeting in a dream with a young man whom you know well - in real life foreshadows a strong relationship. If the person is your soul mate, marriage is possible, and if just a friend, then your friendship will become stronger and more reliable.

    Unfavorable interpretation

    • Acquaintance with an unpleasant person for you - be careful and beware of betrayal by your friends.
    • Trying to avoid acquaintance with those who are unpleasant to you - health problems are possible. Pay attention to your well-being, otherwise it can let you down at a crucial moment.
    • Acquaintance of a woman with a woman is the foreboding of gossip, intrigue and scandals around your person.
    • Acquaintance with an unknown guy or girl - a warning about caution and a sense of proportion.

    Depending on what actions occur in a dream, dreams of acquaintance can be interpreted differently. Be careful, and this dream will help you make the right decisions in the near future.

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