• What does the name Oksana mean?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    August 1, 2011
    What does the name Oksana mean?

    Today we will talk about what the name Oksana means. But first I would like to tell you about its origin. After all, Oksana in Ukraine is called Xenia. And the name Xenia came from the Greek language and translates as "hospitable." In our time, the name has spread far beyond the borders of Ukraine, and in Russia they consider the names Oksana and Xenia completely different.

    What does the name Oksana (meaning name) mean:

    From an early age, Oksana seems to be a closed and gloomy girl around. Little Oksana does not like to play noisy games with peers. She prefers to quietly spend time at the board game, the puzzle. She likes classes that require ingenuity and attention. At school, Oksana learns, not particularly trying, but she normally does in all subjects. Starts a friendship with girls, but never shares secrets. As a child, Oksana is a modest girl, not striking even by her appearance. Oksana's dreams are always more ambitious than her actions.

    Having matured, Oksana blames everyone but herself for failures.And when there is no one to blame, he is offended by fate, he believes that she has no luck. This is her main problem, having thought about it, Oksana will be able to change her life for the better. Oksana will do everything in her own way, there is a slight stubbornness and unpredictability in it. In love, the name Oksana means that she chooses one lover for the rest of her life, is very jealous of her partner. As soon as the husband gives rise to jealousy, Oksana will withdraw into herself, she will not start a conversation, discuss the problem. And the husband may not even understand what made his beloved nervous, because she will not tell him about it. Being married, Oksana will always strive to live separately from her mother-in-law, she wants to be the only mistress in her house. Happiness in the marriage of Oksana is expected with Victor, Grigory, Arkady and Alexander, and the best union will consist of a pair of Oksana and Cyril. They do not recommend building long-term relationships with Peter, Ignat, Mark, Stepan and Bogdan.

    Having learned the character of Oksana, let's talk about a career - what does the name Oksana mean, and what professions will suit her. Rarely, Oksana chooses a profession suitable for a woman. She can go to study as a female pilot, a geologist.As we have said, Oksana is unpredictable, that she will come into her head in one instant, and she will do the same. Even if it turns the whole life upside down, Oksana will not be afraid and will not regret it. Of course, over the years, Oksana will begin to listen to common sense, to the advice of loved ones and will stop at a particular profession.

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