• What do the moles on the body mean?

    Every person has birthmarks on the body. Some people like it, some don't. Someone thinks that having a mole is attractive is, therefore, proud of her; Well, someone, on the contrary - shy.

    Also, there is a popular belief that moles are able to “predict” the fate of a person. And also that the more birthmarks on the body, the happier the person will be. Medicine claims that birthmarks can contribute to the development of a rather severe and unpleasant disease - melanoma.

    What is a mole? Birthmark (or nevus) - benign tumor; and the more they are on the body, the more likely it is that one of the birthmarks will turn into a malignant tumor, as doctors believe.

    But let's talk about more pleasant things: what can moles on different parts of the body mean? How can they affect the fate of a person and can they do at all? There is not a single person who has no moles on his body. After all, every spot on our skin carries some specific information about us, about our character, about our fate.It only remains to unravel this information, "read" it. First we need to consider the mole itself, because they are different.

    For example:

    • The small size of the dark specks, usually flat, is almost impossible to feel by touch. Their color can vary from light brown to almost black. Such moles appear due to the accumulation under the skin of a large number of cells - melanocytes (responsible for producing melatonin - a dark pigment of the skin). The most common form of moles.
    • Hemangiomas (angiomas) - vascular moles. They are formed by blood vessels or lymph nodes. Their color may even be red or pink, and their moles are diverse in shape and surface. Red moles are said to be a kind of signs that notify you of any important event that is about to happen. They appear imperceptibly for a person and disappear just as imperceptibly. The cause of birthmarks on the human body is not yet clear. But it is believed that the number of moles in a person is already genetically laid in the womb. Yes, of course, nevi appear in people throughout their lives.Moreover, this may contribute to sunlight.

    What do the moles on the human body mean?

    Moles on the face

    So, in most cases, birthmarks appear on the face. Of course, after all, our face is always available for the sun's rays, so the sun “tries”. Some of them are complex, and some are proud (after all, even Merlin Monroe had a birthmark on his face!). Let's still try to determine what your character is, judging by the location of moles on your face:

    What do moles mean

    1. The point of the so-called "third eye". A person who has a mole in this place has a very good intuition, a thirst for mysticism, new knowledge.
    2. If a person has a birthmark on this place, then such a person is a jealous, subtle, but passionate person.
    3. Such a person has a tendency towards intellectual professions. This is a pretty poetic nature.
    4. Such a mole in people with generosity, sensuality. And also this mole testifies to sincere love and loyalty.
    5. This birthmark characterizes a person with a changeable temperament.
    6. A person with such a mole cannot simply live without travel, fantasy and creativity.
    7. Such a person has unreasonable jealousy.
    8. Family life of people with a mole in this place is not complete without experiences. She is saturated with them.
    9. If it comes to love in such people, then here a person has a tendency to quarrel.
    10. These people just have a great memory, earthiness and diplomacy.
    11. But people with a birthmark in this place love for everything that is forbidden, as well as complicating things.
    12. The person with this birthmark is completely given to passion.
    13. But these people have very frequent quarrels, but the same quick and reconciliation. They most often carnal love prevails over platonic.
    14. Such people have an extraordinary fate, a sense of universal love, a sublime, mystical mindset.
    15. This category of people loves to travel. And they love independence and pleasure.
    16. Such people possess generosity, loyalty, the thirst for motherhood (paternity).
    17. Lover of diversity, but the question of marriage is taken seriously. Prone to shocking behavior and scandalous events, seducer.
    18. Fantasy and originality - that’s what this man has. Sensuality prevails over all other qualities.
    19. Such a person is prone to jealousy. He wants a big and only love.
    20. The tendency to depression and the difficult nature of such a person.
    21. Mole on the cheek. Such a person loves change in all areas - intellectual and love.
    22. Such a person clearly emphasizes eroticism, sexuality and infidelity.
    23. It is striving to grow in the spiritual as well as materially. Has a clear mind and orderliness.
    24. Such a person has fragile health and psyche. He is not protected by anything.
    25. This person loves a quiet, quiet family life. In communicating very nice. And a man with a birthmark in his ear is reckless.

    Here we are together and figured out what the moles on the face of a person mean.

    Moles on the neck

    In general, if a birthmark is on the neck, then this means well-being in the financial sphere. We can also say with confidence that such a person is spiritual. It can also mean weak willpower, notoriety.

    In women, a nevus on the neck can talk about impermanence in love. If the woman is still not married, then she just can not live without novels. Such a mole in a married woman means her devotion to her “second half”.

    On the other hand, much still depends on the location of the nevus on the neck:

    • Behind: alas, such a mole means grief and unhappiness.
    • Front: This is, on the contrary, a great sign.
    • Sideways (from the right / left): growing up, the person becomes more picky and insincere.
    • In men, a mole on the neck means that he is very spiritually developed, but in childhood he was a tearful.
    • If the mole is located on the left side of the neck, then this speaks of a romantic person. People with a birthmark on the right side of the neck are realists.

    Birthmarks on the back, shoulders and chest

    • Nevi in ​​the upper back can tell us about human health: the more they are in this place, the worse the health of the person. Well, if they appear there with age, then you need to pay attention to your condition (first of all, to the health of the chest organs).
    • Moles on the back can affect your personal life and career - many people think so.
    • But it depends on its location, for example: if such a mole is close to the shoulder, then the probability of good luck and prosperity is small; if the mole is located in the lower back, it promises success in love affairs, and also eliminates health problems.
    • Nevi, located on the forearm face financial difficulties; and on the very shoulder is a hard life.
    • A mole on the right breast means that a person will experience frequent ups and downs; on the left breast in men, happiness and luck; if on the left breast in women, this means that the owner of such a mole of temperament. In the middle of the breast, the mole promises a good well-to-do life, but without great wealth.
    • Birthmarks on the abdomen can also tell a lot. For example, this means that a person is prone to overeating, greed, laziness and alcoholism. If a woman has a mole above the navel, then such a woman is frivolous. A birthmark on the right side of the stomach means that such a person is very intelligent and has an opinion on any account; on the left, it means that such a person is rather irresponsible, versatile. Well, if a mole under the navel, then such a woman is very developed intellectually, hardworking and attractive.

    Moles on the hands

    If you have a mole on your hand, and even more so on the palm of your hand, then this is generally wonderful. This may mean that a person with such a mole will succeed in his personal life and career.

    On the inside of the wrists moles mean that their owners are very vulnerable people. Women with birthmarks on hands are usually happy in marriage. A man has good energy, if he has a mole on his right hand. The birthmark on the ring finger of the right hand at the base, unfortunately, means that everything will not be so smooth in your personal life. People who have birthmarks on their fingers are most often exposed to the evil eye. We can also explain what the mole on the little finger means. But it also depends on which phalanx of the finger it is: - on the upper phalanx (vulnerability and tenderness are inherent in such people) - on the middle phalanx (responsible for human intelligence) - on the lower phalanx (material values ​​are above all) .

    Moles on foot

    The birthmark on the foot speaks of a person’s laziness, his carelessness; such a person is most likely selfish towards others.

    Well, in the end, we found out what the birthmarks on different parts of the body mean. Try to “read” yourself now.

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