• Why dream of small children?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    March 17, 2015
    Why dream of small children?

    It is not for nothing that they say that children are the flowers of life, because communication with children for the most part brings only joy and a feeling of happiness.

    But this is a reality, but why dream of small children? Let's see.

    Below are interpretations of dreams from the Miller, Vanga and the Wanderer dream books.

    Dream Miller

    According to Miller’s dream book, small children in their sleep are mostly a good sign. If the child is beautiful - you will find true happiness and great success. In the event that you dream about how children learn or do some useful things, this is peace and peace.

    A crying child in a dream - to trouble in reality. Often, the dream promises the emergence of new friends who will behave benevolently, but in reality they will secretly build intrigues for you.

    If in a dream you play with children - you will succeed in love and money affairs.

    When a mother sees her own child in a dream slightly sick, it is a sign that in real life he is in good health, but minor troubles await him.If your child is seriously ill or dead in a dream - this is a cause for concern, in reality there is a big threat to his well-being.

    Dream Vanga

    Dream Vanga says: small children in a dream - a symbol of hassle, minor problems, but each will require a lot of effort and time. If in a dream you see yourself as a child, it means, in reality you behave like a child - your frivolous and inappropriate children's antics offend or annoy your environment.

    If in a dream you saw a crying child - it means that some problems will come to you from your children or the children of your loved ones.

    To dream of a disabled child is a symbol of the fact that your bad habits in real life bring harm not only to you, but also to those around you.

    The dream, in which you play in a dream with children, says that you are looking for a job that you like, but you have to spend a lot of time searching.

    Dream dream wanderer

    According to the wanderer’s dream book, children dream of worries, while if the children are beautiful - you will succeed, if ugly - disappointments and troubles. If you dream that you planted a child - it is to wealth.

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