• What do lions love?

    Anastasia Volkova
    Anastasia Volkova
    December 18, 2012
    What do lions love?

    Leo is one of the strongest and most powerful signs of the zodiac. Leo, like an animal, is by nature a king, a ruler, a ruler.

    What do lions love? Leo loves to point and manage people, but if you praise him in every way, support and encourage him, then with you he will become a real domestic cat.

    Lions are very proud by nature. They will not allow themselves to be humiliated and will never give themselves, and especially their family, to be offended. Men lions are very loving, whereas women are softer. But, if something touches their territory, then the chance to go unnoticed is small. The lioness immediately rush to the attack, without hesitation and hesitation. For Lviv honor in the first place.

    Lions are leaders in life. Very often they occupy managerial positions, and this is what they do best. In a friendly company, the Lions behave very frivolously: they are constantly joking, they draw attention to themselves in all sorts of ways, be it a power tone, or a loud voice, bright clothes, or a multitude of hobbies.

    If Leo lacks attention and respect, he becomes angry, irritable.For his experiences, he ceases to notice that anger has enveloped his whole being. The main thing is to praise and flatter Leo, and then you can iron him even against wool.

    What do men like Lions in relationships and in marriage? Since Lions love excellence, their passion should be attractive, self-confident, but, to some extent, submissive. Many marriages with the Lions break up due to the fact that pride, and as a result, the inability to find a solution, interfere with the smooth and peaceful flow of life. They can leave without explaining the reasons for the quarrel, since, a priori, they are always right.

    Lions are very lean about money. They are gambling, they adore luxurious comfort.

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