• What do girls want?

    Men and women sometimes have difficulty understanding each other. We, of course, adapt to the peculiarities of people of the opposite sex, try to take into account that we may have different emotions and different explanations for the obvious facts. But often we fall into a stupor from their reaction to our words or deeds.

    Beginning of school life

    Boys still in early school age wonder what girls want? If a boy is educated, he treats girls with respect, they often laugh at him, giggle and do not take him seriously. But at the same time, girls are keeping off daredevils and do not seek to make friends with them. If you like a girl, you need to find an individual and very effective approach to her. For example, show your hobbies, brand or album with stickers.

    Do not forget that little girls want to feel protected, and not be afraid that any of the boys will step up or rude. Therefore, it is worth only once stand up for a good girl, so that she felt gratitude to her savior.You do not need to give her gifts or invite for a walk. You need to give attention and show your strength, which is aimed solely at protecting the weak.

    When the class goes to high school, and then to the older one, you should understand that the girls are growing up, they want to get more attention from their knights. Of course, every girl wants love - beautiful, romantic and very strong. But it is impossible to build love relationships when at least one of the partners is not ready for them. You should first look at and understand each other, gradually creating a foundation, a solid framework for future relationships.

    High school student can be invited to the cinema, limiting the time spent together. Let her better not enough communication, than she feels satiety and she will complete the meeting. Let's open a secret: every girl wants a guy to be confident and make decisions. Sometimes girls do not show this, creating the appearance of a strong and self-sufficient young lady.

    What should boys know

    If the question of what the girls want does not give you peace, it is worth remembering a few unchanging postulates.

    • Girls want to be loved.
    • They want to be the most beautiful, to hear about it all the time.
    • Girls want to be thin, but love sweets.
    • Have fans a whole cart, but prefer one.
    • Any girl wants love.

    Knowing what the girls want, you need to try to give it to them. But you can not act directly, you can not show your interest straightforward. Between a man and a woman at all times there is some kind of game that has unshakable rules that have shown their viability.

    • First, people look to each other. At this stage, chaffing each other is possible, however, not rude.
    • Then the guy must take the next step, which will bring the couple together a bit. For example, invite a girl some event. And it is better to ask her for help - in school or in a life situation.
    • And only then closer communication is possible.

    No need to strive to customize the relationship, it is better to let them mature. Any girl will appreciate the tact and careful attention of her knight, and, thus, will accept any initiative from his side more complacently.

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