• What do raki eat?

    Cancers are considered a delicacy, many people like to eat them. Have you ever thought that eating crayfish? From what, shall we say, the “raw material,” is such a charming dish made?

    It turns out that the belief that crayfish eat rotten meat, carrion, is more of a myth. They, of course, do not disdain animal food. And since the rate of movement of the cancer is small, they can simply catch live food in very rare cases. So they have to be content with the fact that they no longer swim or crawl. But such food in their diet is only 10%! The remaining 90 are plant foods.

    Crayfish Diet

    Now consider what river crayfish eat. In their diets a lot of plant food. These are algae, coastal grass, fallen leaves from trees. This is a variety of water lilies, egg capsules, sedge, horsetail, elodeya, and many other herbs - aquatic and sushi plants flooded with water. Especially they love nettle. At one meal, the male eats much less than the female, but he eats 1-2 times a day, and the female 1 time in 2-3 days. Before wintering or breeding crayfish are much more active than at other times. The meat food that crayfish eat is as diverse, albeit smaller. Crayfish eat mollusks, worms, insects, larvae, tadpoles.They are very happy to eat dead food, which has slightly decomposed, they feel it at a great distance and find it rather quickly. But if food decomposes for a long time, then crayfish are indifferent to such food. Simply put, the corpses must be fresh! Sometimes crayfish can even catch live food, showing the wonders of hunting prowess and a lightning reaction. They love invertebrates - rotifers, daphnids, cyclops.

    Diet of crayfish in an artificial reservoir

    There is always a lot of vegetation, phytoplankton, zooplankton, small invertebrates in the pond, so there are no problems with feeding the crayfish to the artificial environment. In order for this nutrient base to breed and multiply, mineral fertilizers and organic matter are added to the pond. Of course, this is not what crayfish eat. They are fed in the pond throw spoiled meat, fish, leftovers and trimming vegetables, bakery products, soaked grain, cake, and much more. In the ponds, as in the cages, it is necessary to ensure that all this food is eaten at one time. If it remains, the crayfish will freeze, the water will become cloudy and oxygen starvation will occur.

    Aquarium Crayfish Diet

    If it is difficult for you to immediately sort out the question of what crayfish eat, then bear in mind that there are specialized feeds for crayfish and crabs on sale.But if they are not available to you, then the crayfish are fed with grass, especially they like nettles. They also plant various algae for them, which they gladly eat. We must ensure that the algae were always in the aquarium, if necessary, sit down. Also in small quantities it is necessary to offer them pieces of spoiled meat, chicken, as well as dried animal feed. Be sure that the food does not accumulate in the aquarium, does not decompose and does not rot. Pieces should not be there for more than 2 days.

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