• What do children play?

    Many future and present parents are interested in what children play in order to please their baby, to guess his wishes. Let's start with the smallest.

    Games for children 2-4 years

    Kids, of course, really like educational games. Two or three years is the age when the child is especially actively exploring the world, he is interested in almost everything around. In addition, at this age, his motor and speech skills are actively formed, and observation is developing. It will be interesting for such children to assemble a puzzle, that is, to create a picture, to color a book, to find differences in pictures. In addition, games on the air will be useful. Remember what children play in the summer? Take, for example, a small ball. Especially if the child is interested in various motion-related games. And it will be very useful for other children, both boys and girls, to move a little. The boys, moreover, really like cars. And even not so much the model, how many toy vehicles, in which you can sit down and ride.And, of course, toys should be at home, but it is desirable that these were not some kind of transforming robots, but at least some developing objects. It will be interesting for girls to play with dolls, to draw, maybe, to make words. Of course, you hardly remember yourself at this age. Then watch the video as the children play.

    Games for children 5-7 years

    Our children have grown up a bit, and therefore they need a little other games. This is the age when many children are already beginning to be interested in board games: therefore, it�s worth to buy 2-3 such games for your child. And the subject should be chosen depending on the tastes of your child. It is also good not to forget about the development of speech and writing, for which you need to play with the child in words - for example, let the child come up with the opposite word, antonym. That is, you say, say, "white", the child must guess and call you the opposite color. There are many such games. Do not forget about outdoor games: football, basketball, tennis. Also, children at this age love rides. Bring the child, let him ride plenty. Girls, of course, will be interested in dolls. Women will certainly remember how children play dolls, or rather, girls. You can even buy an embroidery kit or a large book of colorings. As for the boys ...I remember myself at this age: I liked to arrange accidents with model cars, cut out paper and stuck buses, trolley buses, even electric trains, and, of course, just drew all kinds of vehicles. In addition, boys (at any age) like sports. At this age, it is already quite possible to give the child to some sports section, if he does not mind. Or to a music school. The same goes for girls. If a child is interested in a particular subject, why not listen to his wishes?

    Games for school children

    Having entered the school, we actually take a lot of things from childhood. Our habits and interests remain, just smoothly flow from one plane to another. For example, if earlier we liked to add words, now we like to solve crossword puzzles. If a little girl was interested in what to wear a doll, now she can easily sew clothes for her, turning into a future designer. If the boy liked to just kick the ball, now he loves a more meaningful game for the team and so on. Add to the standard set of dolls and balls, classics and machines the individual hobbies of your mature child, and you will almost certainly be able to guess what he wants to get for his birthday.And yet, remember what our children play today? After all, we have been living in the 21st century for a long time, which means that children of school age, and often of preschool age, will definitely be interested in computer. And there is nothing terrible in the fact that, for example, at the end of primary school, the child has his own electronic friend. It is enough just to ensure that your child does not spend more time with him than lessons. And then, everything will be fine.

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