• What color is in fashion in the spring of 2014

    In 2014, the spring collections of designers were not as bright as last year. Not surprisingly, the classic black and white colors still occupy a leading position. As for color shades, in the spring of 2014, seven juicy and saturated colors became fashionable.
    1. Bright red color: strawberry, raspberry and cherry hues. Clothing of this color should charge energy, and fruit and berry shades can give the image a positive attitude.
    2. Bright blue color: turquoise and azure hues. Blue because of its luxury and depth is considered to be royal. Such clothes can inspire and calm, remind of the imminent approaching vacation and the azure sea.
    3. Green: emerald green and aquamarine. Clothes of these colors are always associated with spring and greens. Actual images of large and bright colors against a serene background.
    4. Yellow color: lemon shade. This citrus color is reminiscent of the sun, whose rays warm.Such bright clothes can give their owner confidence and courage.
    5. Orange color: tangerine shade. Clothing of this color is already in fashion far from the first season. As you know, orange color can improve mood and is an excellent antidepressant.
    6. Coral color. This exotic color will appeal to girls who appreciate freedom. Clothing of this shade looks elegant and gives its owner some mysteriousness.

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