• What can be interesting to see in Hong Kong?

    China is an amazing country, it’s not for nothing that millions of tourists go there every year. But if you want to see an interesting and modern world, be sure to visit Hong Kong.

    What it is?

    Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, located on the Kowloon Peninsula and occupying almost all of its territory, as well as Hong Kong Island and more than 260 small islands. From the east, west and south Hong Kong is washed by the South China Sea.

    This area is considered a real financial and commercial center, and not only China and Asia, but the whole world. That is why Hong Kong is viewed separately and separately from the country, because this is a unique world that will amaze with its magnificence!

    How to get there?

    You can fly to Hong Kong by plane, flights are carried out from almost all major capitals. Travel time will be about 10 hours. But since the airport is not in the area, you will also have to get to the center. There are several ways to do this.

    The first is the comfortable and fast Airport Express trains. The second is buses. But since there are so many of them, it will not be easy for a tourist to decide. So, the buses with the letter "A" go longer than the buses "E". In addition, you can use the services of taxi drivers, but this method is considered the most expensive.

    Pay attention to the colors of the machines. So, green taxis go to the so-called New Territories, red ones go to Kowloon Islands and Hong Kong, and blue ones can take you to Lantau Island.

    Visa and customs regimes

    If you are a citizen of Ukraine or Russia and go to Hong Kong for not more than two weeks, then you will not need a visa. But at the same time the trip should be carried out for the purpose of tourism, transit (that is, travel to another place) or visits to relatives and friends.

    But you should be prepared for the fact that at the local airport you will be asked to return a ticket, as well as require a bank statement or other document confirming your viability. In addition, you will certainly need a passport.

    The customs regime is rather strict. So, it is forbidden to import the national currency. Import of foreign currency is unlimited, but the entire amount will need to be declared.There are restrictions on the importation of tobacco products, perfumes and spirits, gold, and electronic devices (you can take one computer, one video camera and one tape recorder with you). If you take animals with you, you will need help from a veterinarian.

    What can not be exported from Hong Kong?

    Any items of historical or cultural value. If you bought a picture in the store, do not throw a check at all, otherwise you just will not be able to remove the item. In addition, it is forbidden to export an amount in excess of the amount available at the entrance to the area (you may be considered an illegal migrant worker). Do not try to take out the corals, it is also punishable.


    The climate of Hong Kong is subtropical monsoon. The cold season (although it is difficult to call it such) lasts from December to March. At this time, the temperature can drop to 10 degrees, but during the day usually rises to 15-20. However, the weather is still mild. And in the summer season (it falls on the period from the end of May to September) it is very hot and humid.

    The thermometer usually rises to 35 degrees or more during the day. Sometimes in summer typhoons fall on the territory of the region, but this happens not every year. The most successful time for trips to Hong Kong are the periods from March to May and from September to November.At this time it is warm here, but not stuffy and not very humid. In autumn, the water in the sea remains warm, although in spring its temperature is also quite suitable for swimming.


    The national currency of the region is the Hong Kong dollar, and only it is in circulation, so on arrival it is better to immediately exchange your euro or US dollars. But be sure to keep the checks given to you in exchange offices, because without them you will not be able to exchange the remaining Hong Kong dollars before leaving.


    You can move around in Hong Kong in many ways. Perhaps the most affordable, fast and convenient is the local metro MTR. But also throughout the region, buses, so-called mini-basses, trams, ferries, funiculars, as well as an unusual type of transport for the laziest - street open escalator, ply.

    How to behave?

    Each country has its own laws and rules of conduct, and in Hong Kong they are quite strict. Here are a few of the most important points:

    • You can not make video and photography in museums and temples (in some places you have to pay for it). It is also forbidden to take photos of objects of strategic importance.These include bridges, dams, airports, dams, and so on.
    • Do not dress too vulgar, it is not approved.
    • Behave yourself decently and calmly, especially in public places.
    • Always carry documents with you, they are often asked by the police.
    • Watch your stuff.
    • Do not drink the local water and wash your hands and face with soap as often as possible (due to the high population density, there is an increased risk of "catching" some local virus).

    Things to do?

    What to do for tourists in Hong Kong?

    • Just walk around the city. You will be amazed by huge skyscrapers and amazing futuristic buildings. This is the real world of the future!
    • Shopping Hong Kong stores deserve special attention, because here you can buy almost anything you want: from casual or exclusive clothes for every taste to home appliances. And especially the prices will please, because they are much lower than in any other country. But the most inexpensive things are sold in stores at warehouses and factories.
    • Be sure to go to one of the local beaches. Of course, there are always a lot of people here, but this should not prevent us from enjoying the warm sea water and the gentle rays of the sun.But do not swim in the season of showers, during this period the water is muddy and very dirty.
    • Visit one of the vibrant shows that regularly take place in Hong Kong. The most famous and listed in the Guinness Book of Records is the Symphony of Light.
    • If you are a lover of entertainment, then be sure to go to a bar or nightclub.

    What's so interesting?

    What to see on holiday in Hong Kong? There are a lot of interesting things here:

    • The Big Buddha is the world's largest bronze statue of the Buddha.
    • Avenue of Stars of Hong Kong. Here the stars of Asian cinema leave their prints.
    • Tower of the Bank of China. According to the plan, it was supposed to resemble a bamboo stalk, but not very similar to it. But this building is unusual and very high (as many as 70 floors!).
    • The Hong Kong Museum of Art is the leading art museum of the entire peninsula. There are many interesting exhibits.
    • Hong Kong Historical Museum. Here you will see many interesting items of historical importance for the area and China.
    • Hong Kong Science Museum. It's very interesting here!
    • Racetrack Sha Tin. This place is very popular, because almost all residents of the area love horse racing.
    • Madame Tussauds museum.Here are collected wax figures of world celebrities.
    • Lantau is the largest adjoining island.
    • Museum of optical illusions. Fairy tales come to life here.
    • Ocean Park of Hong Kong.
    • Victoria Peak is the highest point of Hong Kong Island.
    • Hong Kong Planetarium.
    • Lazy pedestrian street is a huge open escalator.
    • If you list cultural and religious sites, you can not forget the Temple of Wong Tai Sin.


    On the territory of Hong Kong you can find restaurants with local cuisine as well as with more familiar European, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese and even Russian. In Chinese dishes dominate components such as seafood, vegetables.

    Of them are prepared as a variety of soups, and delicious main dishes. In street eateries you can find a very unusual and even frightening food, but it is better to refuse it, the quality is usually not high.

    Interesting journey to you!

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