• What business do you think is better to invest in the era of the current crisis?

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    Answered on November 27, 2014 09:44
    At this time, the best business is real estate. ITS can be bought both at home and abroad. in addition to real estate as such, you also receive a monthly income from the rental of housing, which is also not cheap. therefore it is worth thinking about this proposal. You can still deal with gold, as it is constantly growing and making a profit. You can also come up with something that you do not have in the city, but rather a whole region and make a novelty, but it should be in demand, but not so much that something was invented, but it does not need at all and no one will buy. but starting a project you need to think it over well and weigh it.
    I note that by "think through" should understand "to protest" and not to miss a lot of useful time. try it. it is necessary to invest in actions =))) in your actions)) everything is very simple))) yes) do business on what you need) on whatyou believe))) and only in this case you will be able to move even the most crazy idea))) read the lives and train of thought of great people))) all the most crushing enterprises from McDuck to Disneyland were once ... unprecedented and no one in them believed. In addition, the engine of progress that created them) What are you ready to move all your life? What you do not mind the time and effort? What is significant to you? What would you like to make history? Try to ensure that your responsibility is good, dignified and respected right from the start. Reputation and fortitude is not obvious at the beginning, after a year another in business begins to be valued above any financial and formal opportunities. Money is easily given to those who deserve respect, become a person. You need to have ambitions. An unbending desire to make history beautiful)) You need to be at least a little romantic))) Only such people change the world =) And business is always the world) is what people need =) Think that you can offer them good that they will gladly and gladly buy from you) Some unique offer) Just an improvement, perhaps a long time ago invented and quite common bicycle)) If that is good for everyone, it means you can too))) Take small, simple, accessible small steps) Huge jumps like buying an apartment should not even be set as a goal)) It’s clear that there was money for an apartment, it would have already been bought)) And when there is money for an apartment, then there will be an apartment) But actually buying an apartment is just as silly how to buy a car)) Looking at this business with an investor's view, you need to consider not the reliability, but the entry and exit from the cycle and its payback. At the apartments, even though they are becoming more expensive, just 200 thousand in a few years ... the payback is shamefully low))) it’s foolish to invest 7-27 million to get just a few hundred thousand rubles for a few years ... with the entire rent even. .. in which, incidentally, it is also necessary to make repairs, so that the profit is not clean. And not a profit at all. An apartment is an apartment and not a business. You need to buy it when you need it. And when you need money to do you need to make money.

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