• What is the rum snack?

    Taisiya Belousova
    Taisiya Belousova
    February 6, 2013
    What is the rum snack?

    There are many varieties of rum. For cocktails, light rum is mainly used, and dark and golden rum is also perfect for cooking. In its pure form, rum is used, which has a long exposure. What is the rum snack?

    Rum itself is considered to be the national drink of countries located in the Caribbean, and is usually drunk without a snack. But not very seasoned varieties of dark rum, which is 4-7 years old, are very tasty to use in combination with tangerine or orange sprinkled with ground cinnamon. According to legend, it was just such an appetizer to the rum that was discovered by pirates of the Caribbean, after consuming any appetizers, they stopped on this particular variant.

    Papaya, pineapple, melon, cherry are also used as snacks for rum. By the way, ice is not used in such drinks. And as an accompaniment to the rum, you can choose coffee and hot chocolate, they will give a great combination. Sommeliers are still advised to use rum with age over 12 years old in its pure form, since it is then that he has completely new and complex tastes that need to be appreciated.

    Now, when they ask you what the Bacardi rum bites, you can answer the question with skill.

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